Whole body cryotherapy is a fast, research-proven cold therapy that activates your body’s natural pain and inflammation fighters.  Chill in a cold air sauna for just 3 minutes, and your body activates it's restorative process.  The end result is relief from pain and inflammation, accelerated muscle recovery, boosted energy levels, increased metabolic rate and enhanced complexion.

Cryotherapy Works in Just 3 Minutes...


As you step into our Cryosauna, dry cold air chills your skin for 3 minutes.  Your body responds by shunting blood supply from your extremities to protect it's core temperature.  Here your body's cardiovascular system eliminates toxins and replenishes the blood with oxygen, nutrients, red blood cells and anti-inflammatory enzymes.


Once you step out of the cryosauna, your body immediately sends this newly enriched blood back to peripheral tissues.  This physiological response activates your body's natural restorative process and reduces the inflammation that was causing pain. 



Over the next 24-48 hours this restorative process elevates your body to a better condition by reducing pain and inflammation, accelerating recovery from exercise, increasing metabolic rate and energy levels, and boosting collagen production.


Champion Cryotherapy’s mission is to deliver innovative therapies which activate the body's natural healing mechanisms to accelerate athletic recovery, relieve pain and elevate your well-being.  We want to help you THRIVE!