Top 10 Reasons to Try Cryotherapy


Research ( shows cryotherapy has a positive effect on a wide variety of conditions and uses.  Should you try cryotherapy?  Here are the Top 10 reasons you should consider it:

Cryotherapy Reduces Pain and Inflammation

10. To decrease inflammation, including arthritis
Cryotherapy activates the body's natural inflammatory fighters, by prompting the circulatory system to first remove inflammatory enzymes and toxins, and then to replenish the blood with oxygen, nutrients and red blood cells.

9. To relieve chronic and acute pain
In addition to the above, Cryotherapy stimulates the release of endorphins, chemicals released by the brain to moderate and alleviate pain.

Cryotherapy accelerates muscle recovery

8. To boost recovery from intense exercise and injury
Replenished, nutrient-rich blood elevates your body's condition as it speeds recovery from the stresses of exercise.

8. To get better results from your training and exercise
Accelerated recovery allows you to train more frequently and intensely.

Cryotherapy Enhances Overall Wellness

6. To fight stress and anxiety
Endorphins lower heart rate and blood pressure, encouraging a calm and relaxed body.

5. To treat insomnia and jet lag
Endorphins activate a mild sedative response, making it easier to sleep.

4. To tone skin and smooth complexion
Cryotherapy promotes the release of collagen, which leads to enhanced complexion and skin elasticity.

Cryotherapy increases energy, mental acuity and caloric burn

3. To increase metabolic rate (i.e. burn more calories)
Cryotherapy tricks the body to create thermogenesis (heat), which increases metabolic rate for 4 to 6 hours post-session. Your body burns between 500-800 calories above baseline during that time-frame.

2. To heighten energy level
Increased metabolic rate means increases energy. and mental acuity (nutrient-rich blood flows to extremities and your brain).

1. To enhance mental acuity
Replenished, nutrient-rich blood flows to your brain as well as your extremities.  Students and professionals have vouched for the benefits of mental focus, energy and endurance in studying and work.

We will take a deep dive into each one of these benefits in future posts, but as you see cryotherapy can enhance your life in many ways.  Our members most appreciate the fact that these benefits come from a natural therapy that takes just 3 minutes!  Which benefit are you most intrigued by?  It does not matter, because you don't have to settle for just one!