Cryotherapy: Faster Than a Starbucks?

Faster than a Starbucks drivethru--and better for you.

Cooler than SnapChat--and no need for WiFi.

Healthier than quinoa--and easier to pronounce.

Don't believe me? In a society full of quick fixes that are almost always less than satisfying, it is easy to add cryotherapy to the long list of quick solutions that simply don't produce. But elite athletes and regular Joe's alike are finding that the 3-minute therapy actually lives up to the hype.

Athletes are finding faster recovery times from workouts and injuries, while weekend warriors are experiencing reduced pain and inflammation outside of the nine to five grind.

There will always be a reason not to try something, but gaining a huge reward on an small investment is certainly worth the time. After all, it's only 3 minutes.