I am one of the few, the proud, a true born and raised Austinite! More importantly, I am a huge nerd with an unashamed love of botany and plant identification. On the not so important side, I am a former Division I volleyball player who still enjoys an active lifestyle. Currently, I am pursuing a Masters of Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary in hopes to become a licensed professional counselor!




I’m a lifelong Longhorn (Hook’em!) with a degree in Psychology—and no, contrary to popular belief, I cannot read minds.  I am currently schooling to become a licensed Physical Therapist, so I can marry my passions for athletics and helping others.  Since I miss the competition and comradery of D1 soccer, I now chase faster runners at Town Lake.  Born to be wild in the great city of Austin, I am obsessed with trying crazy adventures and Taco Shack’s breakfast tacos. 



Born in Houston, I migrated to attend Texas State University for a BS in Psychology where I met my husband, an Austin native who passed my psychoanalysis tests and whom I wed on Halloween 2015. A self proclaimed bibliophile, I’m always reading a stack of books that’s taller than I am (not saying much 🤓).  The only thing I’m more passionate about than reading is science & helping others.




I am a super senior at Concordia University Texas studying Kinesiology.  Although I was born in the oil fields of Tulsa, Oklahoma, I migrated to the live music capital of the world as soon as I could. I am the captain of Concordia’s undefeated, non-existent football team and a kids counselor at Camp Gladiator. When I’m not giving people their chill fix, I’m either producing jams, jamming live, jamming in the gym or jamming the jams… just jammin’ man.