“My recovery time from training seems to take significantly longer as a 40-yr old than when I was in my 30s.  As a result, I’m constantly looking for “natural” ways to maintain my physical health and enhance my recovery between workouts.  My search led me to Champion Cryo.  Admittedly I was a bit skeptical of the touted benefits associated with the treatment, but willing to give a session a try and judge its value based on my personal results.  In short, my overall experience far exceeded my expectations.  Not only was my typical post workout soreness dramatically reduced, but the treatment significantly increased my energy and sense of well-being.  I even recently discovered that cryotherapy is an excellent tool for reducing the fatigue associated with jetlag and long travel as well.  Needless to say, I’ve incorporated cryotherapy as a regular component to my workouts and post travel recovery."

- Brad Marcus (Jiu Jitsu Instructor)

"If you are into Cryotherapy, this is your place! If you are a Cryo newbie like me, even better! The owner, Todd, and staff (so far I've met Megan, Mandi and Amanda) are genuinely friendly and caring people and they made me feel comfortable and at home.

My sport is powerlifting, so recovery from training is key as I get older. I didn't realize all the potential benefits of cryotherapy until I talked with the staff at Champion, outside of helping with aches and pains and recovery. I'm going through the recommended protocol, but I must say even after the first visit, I'm feeling more relaxed than I have in a while. Also I have this general feeling of well being, only after 3 minutes of being in the cryotherapy chamber.

From a vanity perspective, I took a look in the mirror after the time in the chamber and the improved circulation to my muscles made me look like I just worked out but I wasn't sore. It was fun to meat-head out in the mirror for a few seconds and look all jacked :). Apparently this method helps increase your metabolic rate temporarily to burn an extra 500-800 calories in a day. I'm weighing myself over the next couple of weeks without changing my diet or training to see if it makes a difference. That's enough of a reason for this old tubby powerlifter to hit the chamber fairly often :)

If you are looking into cryotherapy, go to Champion with my highest recommendation. They will take great care of you!"

- Dr. Adam Morrell (Airrosti)

"I recently experienced Cryotherapy for myself. I am a senior nursing student at Concordia University who struggles with focusing on my academics and stress-relief. I received one session daily for four days and found the results to be beneficial for academics and stress. Cryotherapy immediately provoked my body to wake up, gave me a nice appetite, and released a rush of endorphins that drove my mind to focus on large tasks such as studying for my upcoming finals. I think cryotherapy is a great resource for college students who believe they need an additional boost in stress relief from excessive academic pressure."

 - Sabrina Lawlor (CTX Senior nursing student)

"My son Blake experienced energy boost & faster recovery with treatments before & after his football games at Champion Cryotherapy! Todd has a great facility & his staff is very knowledgeable."

- Brian Youngblood (Youth Coach)

"Great recovery boost at Champion Cryotherapy doing both the cryotherapy (cold!) and the NormaTec comprssion therapy. I think it worked well. Struggled with a 4-hour 68 mile bike ride yesterday morning, then did Cryotherapy and NormaTec. This morning I felt great for a 2-hour, 11-mile trail run!"

- Dan Ruble (Triathlete)