What is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a research-proven cold therapy that activates your body’s natural pain and inflammation fighters.  Chill in a cold air sauna for 3 minutes, and your body activates it's restorative process.  The end result is relief from pain and inflammation, accelerated muscle recovery, boosted energy levels, increased metabolic rate and enhanced complexion.

Whole body cryotherapy at Austin's leading cryo spa. Restore tired muscles  and recover from back and joint pain using the proven healing therapy of cold temperatures. Offering whole body cryotherapy, cold laser therapy, sport massage therapy, Normatec compression, and more.

"Research conducted over the last two decades, primarily in Europe, has established therapeutic efficacy of WBC in a wide range of clinical areas. The largest focuses of research have been pain management, sports injuries and athletic performance.  It has been shown to effectively reduce pain and swelling and improve physical performance. Due to the numerous adaptive physiological responses, WBC has also been studied as an adjunct treatment for: atopic dermatitis, cardiovascular health, depression and Multiple Sclerosis." (Clinical Relevance of Whole Body Cryotherapy, Alan G. Christianson, NMD)


This research-proven therapy is used for athletic recovery, pain management, health and wellness, injury rehabilitation and skin beauty.  Come try what elite athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB, U.S. Track and Field and others have been using to elevate their performance! 


  • Reduces inflammation, swelling, pain and muscle soreness
  • Enriches blood with oxygen, nutrients and enzymes
  • Accelerates recovery from athletic training and competition
  • Enables the body to handle more intense and higher volume training
  • Boosts energy & improves muscle unit activation (allows for immediate post-therapy training)


  • Rheumatologist-developed to relieve pain from arthritis and inflammatory disorders
  • Provides relief from musculoskeletal pain and inflammation
  • Reduces pain sensitivity by increasing nor-epinephrine levels
  • Improves post-surgery recovery
  • Accelerates recovery from jet lag, travel discomfort and fatigue


  • Activates natural elimination of toxins and replenishment of oxygen, nutrients and enzymes
  • Increases metabolic rate and caloric burn
  • Provides comfort and relief from some skin conditions
  • Enhances complexion and skin elasticity through collagen production
  • Improves sleep quality

How Cryotherapy WorkS


Step into our cryosauna, which rapidly chills your skin using cold vapor at temperatures of negative 185˚F for 3 minutes.  The cold air causes blood to flush from the skin surface, muscle tissue, and joints to the vital organs.  Your body's cardiovascular system naturally eliminates toxins and replenishes the blood with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes.


Once you step out of the cryosauna, your body immediately begins vasodilation, returning the enriched blood to peripheral tissues that have been cleansed of toxins.  This physiological response activates your body's natural restorative process and reduces the inflammation causing pain.  


Over the next 24-48 hours this restorative process elevates your body to a better condition, with reduced pain and inflammation, with replenished blood and increased energy levels.